Monday, July 27, 2009

Samsung C3053 equipped Rescue features Arts

Samsung re-released mobile phone market with a zero in the bottom of the class, series C3053. However this Samsung mobile phone design with a serious and ward members when the phone classes always have a lag time of design.

Samsung C3053

C3053 slide design is also applied when used as deactive call. rail of mobile phone is equipped with a silicon rubber insulator so that the valve movement C3053 feels so smooth.
As a class under the mobile phone, C3053 rich features can be spelled out. Equipped with a camera, music player, radio and internet connection. Even still also have a unique feature called a fake call. With this feature, users can save themselves from the situation is less satisfying, with sham rings as if there is an incoming call.
For the screen, using screen C3053 diversiform QQVGA (Quarter-VGA)-sized 2-inch display with various information. The ratio of the resolution with 65k colors 160 x 120 pixels it is also adequate at displaying complex graphics. Images can be displayed without the broken edge graphical display that is common on the screen and QVGA Variant others.
Phone dibenamkan strength VGA camera with resolution 160 x 120 pixels. But for the internet business it's not the phone specifications. Bring proprietary browser, the phone only supports WAP internet as a model. That is, the user can only display a simple page that supports the wireless protocol. When tried to use http access, the phone display the error messages directly. Blutooth be wireless access in your favorite phone.