Friday, July 31, 2009

Not a Nokia N86 Camera Phone

Currently, mobile phone pro-megapixel camera to mobile phone users by the middle. For that Nokia also launched a mobile phone with a camera up to 8 MP, Namely N86.


This mobile phone comes not just any mobile phone camera, but the entry in the multimedia mobile phone that has a myriad of multimedia features. Start from simply listening to the radio, to work with applications such as voice call kantoran usual, to make the Internet call (VoIP).
View from the design, the Nokia N86 slider design adopted. Can be seen from the back, the phone is similar to a digital pocket camera. Lens protection work also activate the camera, so it is very fitting SHUTTER button located at photographs.
For display, this phone has the sharpness of the screen up to 16 million colors. With the sharpness of the color, the phone is capable of displaying images in accordance beautiful original.
While for the player, the standard of quality music player the Nokia N-Series has a class of its own, both from the quality of the speaker and the ease and beauty of the interface is designed Nokia.
one last thing, even though you a job in the entertainment, the N-Series also has one with Quick Office, the program office document to make the withdrawal MS Office.