Thursday, June 25, 2009

Samsung Galaxy comes with Android

Samsung Galaxy is the first smart phone that has a property of Samsung's operating system Google Android. Samsung Galaxy attendance list of the length-based smart phone operating system is open.

Samsung Galaxy

From the screen, the Galaxy have any other name i7500, will be present with a size of 3.2 inch OLED (Oragich Light diode), and even a screen made of glass layer will support the Technology touch screen, which is currently being increased leaf. However, Virtual Qwerty that there are still on the iphone to make it easier for the user in the problem type.
several other features, from this Android phone will also be included features such as, GPS applications, including the 5 megapixel camera. With the size of the 115x56x11.9 millimeter headset is very slim, and easy to carry any where you go.
While for network connectivity, slide Galaxy success with 3G network. not preach the samsung mobile phone prices are the Galaxy.