Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nokia E72 mobile phone can SMS IM

Nokia introduced the three newest mobile phone from three different series. one of the Nokia E72. Nokia E72 is the successor of the Nokia E71 which is very popular in the Nokia smart phone family. seems not to take the risk, E72 comes with changes that are not too significant. even be spelled out, the E72 with the E71 is not much different.

Nokia E72

With the concept of candy bars, E72 remain on full Qwerty keyboard, plus a navigation key Optical Navi Key, which facilitate the activities in each menu. The changes would increase from the camera is increased to 5 megapixel, including 3.5mm standard audio jack.
This new phone allows users to set the account Instant Messaging (IM) from their mobile phone while connected to the IM accounts like Yahoo! Messenger, Google talk, Ovi, and so forth.
IM messaging capability of the Nokia E72 is equipped with the onboard client for the Mail for Exchange and IBM lotus Notes Traveler. Nokia Messaging allows users to access Yahoo1 Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Mail Ovi, even your office e-mail easily.
other facilities is the addition of the Internet and the speed of downlink speeds, as in the A-GPS and digital compass which has terintegerasi. perhaps also the Nokia E72 comes with Quickoffice a new version that allows compatibility with Microsoft Office 2007.